Wednesday, 18 May 2011

:( :(

Why did the boys like to play on girls?
did girls do anything?

whatever it is! i still love you juz the way u are but satu jer i mintak kat u..
plz dont hurt girls  anymore...

kalau u wanna hurt me nvm but pls dont hurt my frens  heart.... she really do love you..
And plz stop being playboyy..
u kene bersyukur ade org sayang kan u..

kalau oneday dh x de org sayang u baru u tahu..
She really do Love you..
everyday everytime everywhere..
dia slalu ckp pasal u kt i..

you kene ingat that u dah couple ngn my fren...
if u love me, plz dont hurt her feelings..
love her like what you did To me Last time ...

she's my fren..
if u hurt her thAt mean u hurt me too....
if u dont want to see me in a sad mood or anything else plz
love her n try to forget about me..
think about her n her feelings she have done alot of thing juz bcoz of you..
so Try To Love Her !
Good Luck In Life :D