Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thx for Being the AWesome BF ever !

I MISS U SO DAMN  mucchhhhh!

heyy ,thx for being my guy?

This is Some poen just for u sayang !
When it comes to a woman, they never shy away from expressing love and care. In general, women are creative and they come up with countless creative ideas to make their man feel special. The girl needs to do a lot of special thing to make her boyfriend feel that she loves him and cares for him. Love poems for him always help one to explore new avenues of the relationship. You can either write to him romantic love poems on a special occasion or simply make the day special for him with a few love lyrics. This would not only make the man feel cared for and wanted but also give him the clear view of what he means to you.

The best way to express love for your man is through love poems. You would be amazed to see how his heart melts into an ocean of love. Affection and care are the keywords in any relationship. Show that you care with a lot of affection and that would help you strengthen the bonding between you two. If you look back at history, you will find that love poems have always taken a special place there. Starry-eyed lovers have chosen famous love poems to express romanticism and love. Words and phrases may differ, but the message is same. The message is similar in each of the poems reflecting love and only love. Sometimes as a girl, you may feel a little shy to be vocal about your feeling. Love poems for him come as the best refuge during such times.
U know i love u rite bby boyy?  and i Always do !
i hope u well never broken my heart coz i seriously do love u !